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    Steel karabiner with screw lock.

    Key Features

    • Opening 12mm. 20kN.

    Industry / Job : Construction & Civil, Rescue & Emergency, Travel & Tourism

    Hazard / Risk : Fall

    How To Use

    Instructions for use:

    • Compatible with all type of PPE, this device is designed to be integrated with personal protective fall arrest systems, such as harnesses and lanyards. As far as possible, this karabiner must be personally attributed.
    • The eventual anchorage point must be located above the user. Before use, check that the karabiner works properly and that there is no deformation or wear.
    • When installed, check that the locking mechanism of the finger (screw, sliding ring, rotary ring, safety pawl) is correctly positioned.
    • If this karabiner is fitted with a manual screwing ring, its use is acceptable only if the user does not have to fasten it or remove it several times in a working day.
    • If this karabiner, fixed on equipment, has already stopped fall, it must be replaced by a new one.
    • This karabiner must not undergo mechanical, electrical or thermal shocks. It must not have any corrosion stain.

    Limits to use:

    • Do not use out of its usage specifications defined in the instructions above.

    Instructions for storage:

    • Store in a room away from light and humidity.

    Instructions for cleaning/maintenance:

    • This karabiner should be checked at least once a year, by a qualified person (safety manager) regarding its aspect and performances.
    • It must be cleaned regularly and dried carefully.

    Tests Conducted

    • Static (tensile) strength: The static (tensile) strength requirements are for the karabiner to withstand typical loads of 20kN in the main direction of force for three minutes. If this weight seems high when compared to a person with a weight around 1kN (roughly 16 stone), it should be noted that the dynamic forces as a fall are arrested can be much higher than the dead weight of the load alone. In addition, the requirement includes a factor of safety of more than 2.5 (assuming a maximum arrest force of 6 kN is allowable in a system).


    • Compatible with all type of PPE.
    • This device is designed to be integrated with personal protective fall arrest systems, such as harnesses and lanyards.

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