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    Ear defender with close contoured ear cups helps to reduce noise up to a certain limit.

    Key Features

    • Polyurethane foam
    • Soft foam delivers superior long wearing comfort
    • Low pressure pads ideal for regular use
    • Adjustable arch
    • Close contoured head band
    • Ear defender with ABS cups

    Product Make :

    Industry / Job : Construction & Civil, Aerospace & Aviation, Mining & Metallurgy, Iron & Steel, Warehousing & Assembling

    Hazard / Risk : Noise

    How To Use

    • Never leave to an area of any chemical contamination.
    • Not advised to expose it in direct sunlight.
    • Not advised to be used for more than 6 hours at a stretch and wash regularly with a mild detergent at least with hygiene wipe.
    • Can be used to reduce noise.

    Tests Conducted

    • Sizing and adjustability: The sizing and adjustability of ear-plugs are assessed to ensure that the product is suitable for the range of ear sizes designated by the manufacturer. This test is conducted using a sizing gauge or a size test fixture, which allows the confirmation that the product can provide an adequate fit for the intended consumer. Custom moulded ear-plugs are not subjected to this test.
    • Materials and construction: It must be ensured that the materials used in the manufacture of the device, which will come into contact with the skin, are non-staining and not likely to cause skin irritation, allergic reaction or any other adverse effect on health. The materials and construction assessment also confirms that the device is free from sharp edges, safe for use and that the cleaning and disinfection methods specified cause no damage or impairment to the hearing protection.
    • Resistance to damage when dropped: Resistance to damage is evaluated by dropping the hearing protection from a specified height onto a solid steel plate. If any part of the sample tested cracks or breaks then the device will fail the test. For devices which are designed for use in colder environments, this testing can also optionally be conducted at -20°C.
    • Cleaning and disinfection: If re-useable ear-plugs are under test, the method of cleaning and disinfection specified by the manufacturer is assessed to ensure that it causes no significant alteration to the acoustic performance of the device or to the initial properties assessed during the materials and construction properties test.


    This close contoured design makes the earmuff more fashionable.

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