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    The Importance Of An Industrial Safety Helmet

    The Importance Of An Industrial Safety Helmet

    Posted by Mallcom on September 30, 2021 in Hazard


    The importance of wearing a safety helmet should not be neglected, especially if you are working on a construction site, mining industry or anywhere that involves heavy machinery and objects. Safety helmets are designed to protect your head from any fatal injuries like shock impacts, electric exposure, anything heavy falling on your head, untoward impacts, etc. 

    According to the numbers, the most common causes of head injuries are heavy or sharp objects falling on your head. The consequences of such injuries may differ, but if you are not wearing the tight hard hat, unfortunately, it often results in fatal accidents. Some industries have made wearing a safety helmet mandatory for their workforce. However, simply wearing a helmet is not enough. It needs to be suitable for the type of industry you are operating in. 

    The research and analytical statistics report that mechanical factors generally affect the head skin, skull, brain and neck segments of the spinal cord, often leading to irreparable damage. If the injury is extreme, it may result in permanent disability and sometimes even death of the injured. Therefore, it is extremely important that you just do not wear a helmet, but the right type of helmet. 

    Safety Helmets For Industrial Workers 

    Hard hats specially designed for industrial workers, not only protects the head from any physical damage but also safeguards against shock impacts. While there are different types of helmets designed for different uses, hard hats for industrial workers have two main parts. One is the hard shell or the outer layer and the other is the inner harness.  

    The hard shell is made of materials like polyethylene, fibreglass, plastic extra, which are heat and fire resistant, prevents any seepage of liquid and strongly protects the head from major physical damage. And the inner harness acts as a cushion between the outer layer and the head, making it comfortable and wearable for the individual. Other essential parts of a safety helmet for industrial workers include a chin strap, sweatband and ventilation ports on the outer shell. While the testing parameters differ for different organisations, the general tests conducted for the helmets should include impacts, electric shocks, flammability, water penetration and temperature resistance. 

    Below are some reasons why wearing a safety helmet is important for industrial workers. Actually not just the workers, but anyone visiting the site, regardless of the time spent on the site. 


    1.Protects Against Head Injuries: 

    This is of course the most obvious reason. Hard hats safeguard your head from any major injuries. Some other benefits of safety helmets on industrial sites are protection from any type of liquid seepage, electric shocks, head impacts and falling or flying objects. 

    2.Protection Against Slips and Falls: 

    If the worker accidentally slips or falls, the chances of having any head injuries are minimum if they are wearing a safety helmet. This is more important for people working in liquid-based FMCG or the chemical industry. 

    3.Protection From UV rays  :Industrial workers, working on-site often face difficulty dealing with the heat and harmful sun rays. Safety helmets manufactured for industrial workers are made of special UV resistant high-density polyethylene. Also, helmets provide proper ventilation and sweatbands prevent the sweat from dripping down on the face. 

    4.Provides Employee Identification: 


    Safety helmets are available in different colours, specifically to help distinguish the different roles of the employees. White coloured helmets are for engineers, surveyors, architects and construction professionals. Red helmets are for the electrical crew, yellow for tradesmen, crew and workers, blue for chief workmen, masons and supervisors, green for safety, health, environment and personnel and orange for visitors and vendors.  

    Choosing the right type of industrial safety helmet is essential for the safety of your workforce. Mallcom is India’s leading PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) brand, ensuring your safety from head to toe. The helmets manufactured at Mallcom are of the highest quality, certified by EN and BIS. Some of the important features of the industrial helmets manufactured by us includes UV resistant high-density polyethylene material for the outer shell, easy adjustment of wheel ratchet, low angle impact performance, comfortable terylene webbing, lightweight, ventilated ratchet adjustment, detachable chin strap, sweat absorbent band, side, front and rear protection from shock impacts and side slots for face and hearing accessories.  

    Browse the Mallcom Website for more information on safety helmets and other protective gears

    Mallcom’s  Diamond Safety Helmets have passed the 7 stringent tests, giving you superior head protection which are  EN and BIS certified. With features such as adjustable height and ratchet tightening system, these helmets are designed to offer only the best of wearer comfort and safety.
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