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    Features To Look for while Choosing Protective Gloves

    Features To Look for while Choosing Protective Gloves

    Posted by Mallcom on November 05, 2021 in Product


    Every single task at the industrial site, or for that matter, anywhere else is done with our hands. One small mistake of not paying attention to hand protection could lead to a lifetime regret. Every industry takes basic safety precautions for its workers. But sometimes, the workforce needs more than just the basics.  

    Protective gloves are an essential part of the personal protective kit. The type of gloves may differ depending on the type of industry you are operating, but not wearing any gloves should not be acceptable, especially if your workforce is dealing with heavy machinery, chemicals, harmful fluids, strong vibrations, etc.  

    Whatever kind of job the workforce is involved with, they need to protect their hands by choosing the right safety gloves. An article on occupational health and safety gloves mentioned, "According to OSHA, 70.9% of hand and arm injuries could have been prevented with PPE, especially safety gloves."  

    How To Choose the Right Protective Gloves? 

    With so many different variations of protective gloves, there’s a high possibility that industrialists are confused when it comes to selecting the right protective gear for their workforce. Not all safety gloves are created equal. Protective gloves used by the workforce should not only be good at providing protection but also be comfortable to wear.  

    Some of the most common reasons workers wear gloves are to protect their hands from the following: 


    • Lacerations and perforations 

    • Corrosive or toxic chemicals 

    • Vibrations 

    • Biological risks 

    • Abrasions 

    • Shock Impacts 

    • Chemical and thermal burns (temperature), etc. 


    You should keep the following features in mind when choosing protective gloves. 

    1.Know the risks that the workforce faces: 

    Every site is different; managers and security personnel must spend some time analyzing the potential risks to their workers. The top three dangers that any employer should be aware of are temperature extremes, sharp objects like broken glass, and exposure to dangerous chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. Employers should minutely assess all the risk factors before investing in safety gloves for their workforce. 

     2.Choose the right material: 

    Safety gloves are made from a wide range of materials for a wide variety of applications. Disposable gloves, such as those made of rubber or nitrile latex, are inexpensive and protect against accidental contact and the spread of infectious diseases; however, they provide minimal protection against industrial chemicals, cuts, and abrasions. 




    Cryogenic gloves are considered the gold standard for preventing freezing, thus insulating the workforce from extreme temperatures but may not protect against industrial chemicals. 

    Dyneema ® gloves are a good choice to prevent cuts when handling sharp objects or tools. . Gloves made from advanced hides, fibers, or polymers like Dyneema® provide superior protection against cuts and scuffs compared to other materials.  

    3.Cut-resistant Gloves: 

    For tasks that require the use of sharp tools and involve risks of cuts or punctures, cut-resistant gloves should be the choice. Many options have the feature of cut resistance, therefore, it is important to understand the level of risk involved before choosing the protective gloves.  

    4.Chemical-resistant gloves: 

    In works where workers need to handle hazardous chemicals, it’s essential to wear gloves that protect against exposure to those specific chemicals. Contact with corrosive chemicals or repeated exposure to toxic substances in low concentrations has the potential to cause damage.



    The above features should help you to select the right protective gloves for your workforce. Mallcom is India’s leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) brand. With a presence in more than 50 countries across 6 continents, Mallcom has established itself as an integrated manufacturer and distributor for head-to-toe protective gear. The protective gloves manufactured at Mallcom are designed to match every need while ensuring utmost safety and protection. Protective gloves manufactured at Mallcom, while strictly following the issued guidelines, are EU and MIS certified, clearing all the most stringent tests required. Mallcom protective gloves are fit for Glass Industry, Automotive aftermarket, Foundry operations, for industrial workers handling materials with sharp or rough edges, for workforce handling metal sheets & panels, Automotive Industry, for workforce handling heavy machinery and equipment, and dealing with metal fabrication construction, civil, iron, steel, aviation, aerospace, consumer goods (FMCG), cement and heavy engineering industries. 


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